Storage Tank Cleaning


Since day one of “Saimar” brand, we have performed the cleaning of oil storage tanks with traditional methods. Nowadays this happens only when innovative and no-man entry technology cannot be used due to external conditions or tank features. In these cases our personnel is trained to work in high-risk conditions, and to deal with toxic, flammable and explosive substances.

In our experience we have been worked in the main refineries and tank farms both in Italy and abroad, cleaned both buried and external tanks of small, medium and big size (even more than 100.000 mof capacity), with floating or cone roof type.

Traditional Tank Cleaning method can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Implementation of he safety procedure in the worksite and inside the tank, by means of explosion proof forced ventilation systems, either pneumatic or electric;
  • Sucking up of the liquid slop by means of a vacuum truck, or by pneumatic or volumetric pumps, set in motion by hydraulic or electic ATEX certified motors;
  • Manual removal of solid sludge, carried out by operators provided with all the necessary protection devices and specific equipment to enter the tank (hydraulically actuated volumetric pumps and manual non-sparking tools)
  • Tank internal final washing with high pressure water pump, additivated with environment compatible solvents.
  • Channelling of the cleaning water into Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Issue of a Gas Free Certificate by authorized external professionals

In addition to the above-mentioned cleaning services, Nuova Saimar provides local treatments of the sludge removed, in order to maximize product recovery and to minimize waste disposal. Some examples: oily waters can be treated through an oil-separator,  sludge can be heated in small open tanks were the light phase is recovered and, upon request, centrifugated and filtered.


NUOVA SAIMAR has proven to be, once again, the market leader in tank cleaning, by offering its Clients the S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System) based on the Crude Oil Washing technology.

C.O.W. technology has been used as a starting point, as it represents a highly effective way to clean muddy sludge inside  large oil tanks, thanks to the effects of floating jet washer heads. Nuova Saimar has improved this method, adapting it to the needs of the different oil producers located worldwide, by broadening its application even to small tanks and/or in hard-to-reach places.

Traditional methods for oil tank cleaning requires a high numbers of operators involved, and a long tank downtime. Only a small percentage of product is recovered, increasing waste volume and creating environmental problems.

The advantages of innovative tank cleaning technologies are countless, starting from:

  • Minimum tank downtime
  • Minimum waste production
  • Maximum product recovery
  • No risks for operators

Thanks to its experience and great investments on Research & Developments, Nuova Saimar has optimized the C.O.W. method, by extending its use to:

  • Cone roof tanks
  • Small size tanks
  • Tanks containing different products from crude oil

Combining Nuova Saimar S.R.S.® with ATEX Robot JOX-I, specifically designed to work in hazardous and hard-to-reach places, we grant our Clients the best no-man entry technology on the market in terms of safety, reliability, cost saving and environmental sustainability.

Tank Features

The S.R.S.® can be used to clean whatever type of tank, either with a fixed roof or with a floating roof. The best results are obtained with  crude oil tanks and fuel oil tanks:

  • intermediate cuts (topping and vacuum bottoms);
  • heavy oil;
  • light oil;
  • oil emulsion.