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No-man entry tank cleaning technology

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Traditional tank cleaning methods

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Gasoline & diesel tank cleaning services

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Chemical and Hydrodynamic Cleanings

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Our History


1994 – 2019
Nuova Saimar turns twenty-five

Good morning, my name is Gianfranco Lucchi, Mechanical Engineer, and I am the owner of Nuova Saimar, a company established in 1994 in Ravenna, Italy. Our core business is Industrial Cleaning, especially hydrocarbon storage tank cleaning with no-man entry technologies. 
This year Nuova Saimar celebrates 25 years of activity, therefore we can boast significant experience and expertise.

Nuova Saimar is a family-run company, funded by me and currently managed by my son Stefano, who has been working with me for many years now.  In Nuova Saimar are employed six Engineers, five graduates in different fields, around fifty skilled workers and more than fifteen/twenty seasonal workers, hired during Refineries shutdown periods.

The fields of activities covered by Nuova Saimar are various but all connected with Ecology and Environment, and precisely Industrial Maintenance, including Tank cleaning by using both traditional method and innovative technologies, Industrial Plants Cleaning, Site Remediation, Demolitions, Maintenance, Asbestos Removal and Waste Management.

Since the beginning of our activity, our core business has been Oil Storage Tank Cleaning.

In the first stage, we used to perform tank cleaning by using the traditional method, that implies the presence of workers inside the tank, with the all risks deriving from that. About ten years ago we have realized that manual tank cleaning was too risky for workers, and the risk of major accidents is not tolerated in modern standards anymore. Therefore we have looked outward and analyzed the most modern methods existing in the world.

The method that most stroke our attention or, better, inspired us, was found in Japan, and was called C.O.W. , that is Crude Oil Washing. After a short negotiation, we have purchased it and once in Italy we have tailored it to our needs: our engineers have improved and refined it with dozens of enhancements and upgrades, all successful, creating the best possible automatized system.

We gave it the name S.R.S.® (Sludge Recovery System ), focusing on the recovery of a significant part of hydrocarbon contained in the sludge.

This technology was immediately welcomed by all the great names of Oil Storage and Refining field, ENI first, and now that in Italy it is almost mandatory to work with no-man entry methods, the S.R.S.® is the most required by Clients.

As can be easily imagined, all our competitors got themselves with similar methods, but nobody has succeeded until today to manufacture such an efficient and cost-effective machinery.

By using this technology we aim, first of all, to operate in complete safety, with a particular attention to environment and energy-saving: a logical consequence of recovering ninety / ninety-five percent of the hydrocarbon, when in the past we were compelled to dispose 100% of sludge contained into a tank.

You are welcome to contact us to find engineering tank cleaning solutions for your business

Eng. Gianfranco Lucchi C.E.O.



The Quality Management System of Nuova Saimar has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 by SGS ITALIA SPA


The Environmental Management System of Nuova Saimar has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 / UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 by SGS ITALIA SPA


The Health and Safety Management System of Nuova Saimar has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of OHSAS 18001 – 2007 Edition by SGS ITALIA SPA

Tender Qualification

Audit Certification no. 14319AL/11/00 dated 02/09/2014 for the execution of public works by PROTOS SOA S.p.A., for the OG12 – OS22 – OS23 categories.

Environmental Operator

Registered at  Italian Register of Environmental Operators Cat. 4, Class E –  Cat. 5, Class F – Cat. 10B, Class D-  Cat. 9, Class D – Cat. 8, Class E.

Social Sustainability

Every year Nuova Saimar renews its social commitment by supporting Telethon Foundation

Markets across the globe

During the past years Nuova Saimar has broaden its activities to the international market, mainly thanks to its S.R.S.®  (Sludge Recovery System), based on the C.O.W. method, an utterly innovative technology for the hydrocarbon storage tanks, able to recover the product, that can be returned to the Client’s production process.  It may work 24/7 and the operations are performed in closed-loop, which heavily reduces the impact of tank cleaning operations on the environment. It provides a recovery of almost the 100% of the original hydrocarbon, that is given back to the Client: the value of the recovered oil is often higher than the cleaning cost itself. This technology maximizes the safety and cost effectiveness of the tank cleaning process.

By integrating Nuova Saimar S.R.S.® and JOX-I Robot we have obtained, for the first time in Italy, a fully non-entry processing, granting our Clients the best technology available on the market in terms of reliability, safety and environmental sustainability.

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